Angela Menyes

Few words

A person is different in the eyes of everyone. There are plenty of contradictions and confusions around and about my person. It has always been this way. I could say that if you want to get a better image of me, browse around my paintings. I am, in some way and to a certain degree, present in them anyway. But because you look at them through your own soul, whatever touches you about any of my creations will get you closer to your own self than to me. But it’s all right this way!
I started painting in the USA.
Mainly with oil, but I use acrylic as well and I also have a few drawings.
I like mixed technique, glueing stones and various things on the canvas and so giving new meaning to the existence of thorn-out objects or useless, tiny things. I don’t like landscapes, the imitation of nature, nor human representations.
Such things hardly ever appear on my pictures. If they do, they transmit information in a way totally different from the common. Representing reality as realistic as possible seems to me a completely useless effort. Apart from a few vague accordance, the viewer will never see what the painter had meant to express. I like to use dead bugs on my pictures. This way I give meaning to their death. Their lifeless insect-bodies can start a new life in the universe of paintings where they will represent a higher quality of beauty and art, even beyond their death.
Frames are an important part of my paintings. They symbolize the frameless limitlessness.

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Angela Menyes
Sternenbuschstraße 17
46419 Isselburg

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