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The one who comes across this segment of the virtual world has the opportunity to have a look at and buy my pictures, painted mainly with oil and mixed technique. You are heartily welcome by a nutty lady that walks her own ways, that is me, Angela Menyes, or the other way round, Menyes Angéla, for I use my name both ways. This hodgepodge, this nowhere-belonging characterizes not only my painting, but my entire life as well. Nuttiness, however, pervades my painting in particular. I like to use dead bugs in my pictures. It makes me feel that I give a meaning to their death, their bug-life may not have been in vain.

I started painting in the USA, under the impression of a prophetical dream. The dream has come true and I now live that prediction of which you can also become part if you find delight in one or more of my pictures, whether you buy them or not. Perhaps the life of a picture is fulfilled after all, when the idea risen in the artist manifests on the canvas and then takes a rest on the wall of the viewer’s home. But of course it might happen in a different way, since possibilities are endless. I love to glue things, fix various objects on the canvas, should it be a dried wing of a butterfly, a piece of a mirror or of a jewelry, a stone or the blue globules of the inside of a capsule of potassium. I take tiny, annoying objects that others are bored of as delightful treasures awaited by a new adventure in a painting’s world.

In the same way are you a delightful treasure on my page.

Angela Menyes


What could I possibly say about my own pictures? That they are fucking good? Of course they are. To me, at least. If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t and couldn’t be authentic. But if I should put here an ad now, inciting you to rush and order a hunky-dory, cool little picture that fits your couch, well, that would be and is impossible. I don’t believe in such sugar coated self-praise. What I believe in is the force of a drawn line. I know that it transmits energies of which sometimes even the painter is not aware of. Although he/ she could be. I don’t care about shades, I pay almost no attention to them at all in my paintings. The world of shades is already too much present in our world and I don’t mean to strengthen it by my pictures. Every single movement of the brush reminds me of the mouldering of human life and of its everlasting fugaciousness. A painting is worth as much as man attributes to it.
I don’t know what I could say about my paintings. They need to be looked at and formed an opinion about.
This is a clear deal, a fair offer. Do accept it!

Recent news


The latest and most important news is that, after so many years of struggle, frustration and disappointment this website is finally done. Hurray!!!
This is that particular news, that I have been waiting for … I don’t even say for how many years. Initially, I did’t want to have neither website, nor selling pictures or anything like that, just merely live peacefully, but somehow I could never achieve that. However, all should be happy with this news for a while. But there is no need to be whirling around all the time! Let’s enjoy the moment, let us be happy together with this tiny success which is the first station of a long and successful journey … at least, of a journey together with you.
Take a return ticket and come back regularly for the latest news!!!


“ I love the chartreuse look. Spontaneous and pure.”
L. S. – Texas USA

“Lovely Brightness! I like your art frames, too. The green one. Well!”
Robyn B. NJ – USA

“ Wow Angela, this is f….. good!!” H. Emese – Hungary

“ Something about these affects the psyche on a deep level. Simple in appearance, but there is more than the eye can see.”
G. P. Texas – USA

„ What a lovely way to express Tonglen. „
Rita van der Wijden – Netherland

F. B. B.- Kentucky – USA
“ Fantastic! …. Might it be for sale? ”

“ ‪Nice sense of motion and stability at the same time, and originality!‬ “
Terry Sullivan – NY- USA

“ This has a very Picasso feel. Or maybe veering closer to Van Gogh. It has this flat dimensionality. “
L. S. – Texas us.

“ I like how your art is always new and changing. It is exciting! “
L/ S. Texas usa

“ Omg this is so good! Keep doing what ur doing! “
A. D. – England


Angela Menyes
Sternenbuschstraße 17
46419 Isselburg

E-mail, Phone:

e-mail:  info@kevlart.com
Phone: 00 49 (0)160 91594586



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