In memory of Mom

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My mother’s aquarelles are embarrassing.
They remind me of the Algerian cave drawings.
Simple, pure, raw force that brakes into our world by the colorful sail of beauty and delicateness, showing us the meaning of “I am who I am”.
Those that are not open enough will sense little of the energy and the message of my mother’s pictures.
There’s no useless politeness, tawdry waffling, pressure to meet expectations of the viewer, awkward groveling and crawling to the curator on them.
There is only rawness, simplicity, total denuding, sincerity, opening up, straight communication.
There is childlike joy, paint-smelling happiness, grimy identification with the lines, euphoric dissolution and bathing in the pigments of aquarelle.
Each one of my mother’s painting is an act of self-remembering. She never used to paint out of her ego. She couldn’t have done so either.
It’s her real – self that greets us and sends us a message through each of her paintings.
Do not blame her if you don’t understand.

Mom, Dad, rest in peace!

She loved the ocean.  NYC- USA
With Dad at Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ, USA
With Dad at Ground Zero, NYC, USA

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