I intend to share here with the public some information that help see clearly about practical questions, and which I find important to clarify to avoid eventual future misunderstandings.

1 -The color of the original painting might be slightly different from what appears on the computer’s screen.

I am not saying of course that what is green might look red, and what is purple might appear yellow, but it is widely known that the intensity and the tense of color varies according to the type of the computer and its individual settings. Technology can add to or take away from the original, but the original painting always gives a better experience than its digital version.

2 -Prices.

Please inquire about the prices of my paintings at the contact details in Contact menu.The paintings do not have a fixed price!! They are unique and not all for sale.

3 – Ordering, delivery.

After the costumer has given me the title of the picture they intend to buy and has transferred its price together with the postal fee to the given bank account, I will send the painting by post or by any other shipping agency. This is a plain affair.
In some particular cases though the costumer cannot make a bank transfer. In such cases we will find a paying method that is most suitable for them.
I cannot take personal responsibility for the intact of the delivered painting. As soon as I hand it to the post it is their responsibility to deliver it without any harm. Certainly I will do my very best to get the ordered picture to the new owners unharmed.

4 – Languages.

If you find disturbing grammatical mistakes in any version of my site, feel free to let me know. Thank You!

Mailing address:

Angela Menyes
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